My Two Cents (more like analysis) on Kris vs SM lawsuit

Right now, the internet just exploded regarding Kris filing a lawsuit against SM. There are so many theories surrounding, from different point of view. As a blogger, who enjoys kpop so much, I feel the need to add in my two cents despite my finals are just 3 weeks away.

Make sure you grab a bottle of water or something to eat because this is going to be super long.

Long time ago, which is actually exactly 2 years ago, I wrote an entry about what young people should be considering if they are deciding to be an kpop idol. Kpop idol life is nothing but a road of sweat, blood and tears before they finally hit the mega stardom. Their pay are horrendous. Their working conditions are dreadful. There is no guaranteed success or even debut.

My take on Kris’s case is that he has finally snapped from everything. Here is why.

I’ve been following EXO-M’s schedules for quite some time now and the way SM plans out the schedules is very shocking for me. The boys did a performance in Nanjing and then they had to drive to Shanghai to do a televised interview(performance?) and then they were flown back into Korea. After a few days, the boys were back in China, this time round Beijing, this was around Luhan’s birthday. Then, they went back to Korea, only to go to LA to attend a festival a few days later. This does not end here. All of them were flown out to Shanghai to do a comeback/fanmeet showcase on Mother’s day. Do note that Tao was in high fever when they were performing one show and he said it on camera that he’s fine despite the presenter saying he was running a high fever.

Would you be able to keep up with that kind of schedule? No, I don’t think so. I’m sure the idols are trained hard on days when they don’t have performance schedules.

This is where I felt like SM’s management team is doing poorly in terms of planning. Before EXO made a comeback with ‘Overdose’, SM clearly stated that M will promote in China while K will promote in Korea. My question is, why couldn’t they keep M in China instead of flying them out here and there ever so often when they have said M will promote in China? 

Are you getting your head around this? Good. Let’s move on.

I like SM produced bands but there is something unsettling about their management team and this comes from their history of handling their boy bands.

  • Shinhwa
  • Super Junior/Hangeng split
  • TVXQ/JYJ split
  • EXO/Kris lawsuit

I couldn’t help but notice something here. Apart from Super Junior/Hangeng case, all of the groups that split away from SM had a member who was raised abroad. Andy Lee and Eric Mun from Shinhwa spent time abroad to study. Yoochun from TVXQ is the same. Kris is Chinese by race but remember that he is Canadian by nationality.

This is going to be a speculation so please don’t take it to the heart entirely. I have a feeling that the members who decided to split away from the company have issues regarding the terms and conditions (13 years contract, anyone?) and that they are the usually the ones who were raised abroad. So…they have the rebellious spirit when they feel like they are being treated unfairly.

It’s about time that SM, and other management teams, review the way they manage their artists because kpop is gaining attention from the international music scene. It’s not good for the overall image of the company if this kind of lawsuit happens after every few years. Idols are human beings and they need to be provided with favorable working condition as well as a team of staff who is there for their overall well-being.

I do not, and might never, know whether Kris or SM is at fault for this matter, but when the same thing keeps recurring over and over again with different groups, I cannot help but side-eye at the management team because I don’t exactly have to be a genius to recognize a pattern.

Taking all the facts into account, I have decided that I will stand on Kris’s side because he is brave enough to speak up and do something about it rather putting on a perfect facade and hiding away all the pain that happens to behind the lights and screen. Again, I will probably never know why Kris actually decides to leave, whether it’s personal issues or general discontent towards SM, unless he speaks up about it.

Kris’s new of filing the lawsuit has shaken up the Internet. He’s there on twitter, tumblr, weibo, Facebook, pretty much everywhere I have my social media account.

Despite what I hear from other people that Kris is nothing but a useless member, I believe that this shows that he has presence. He has this magnetic pull to him that majority cannot ignore whenever he is on stage. His height, his looks and his language abilities add to the fact that he is a valuable asset to EXO, like every other member. I might be biased towards Kris though. His departure will have a huge hit on EXO as a whole. The whole thing feels like 2PM + TVXQ split which happened years ago.

Some might say Kris is being selfish for causing a chaos like this during their promotion just a few days before their first tour. I think this is a good time for Kris to make an impact on the point he wants to state and draw attention to the matter as a whole. If he had done this after their first tour, it is more likely that his effort will not be in limelight like this and if he is unlucky, he might be secretly thrown away like a piece of tissue paper. Some might say this is backstabbing and biting back the hand that fed you, but let’s think about it, even the most loyal dog will bite back at you if you corner it while beating it continuously. There is a limit to which an individual can take. Once that limit has exceeded, there will be rebounds.

Now that the damage is done and I feel like it’s irreversible at this point, there is not much the fans can do now rather than support who we believe in and watch as the event unfolds. I hope SM could give in this time round and negotiate with Kris on the terms and conditions in his contracts rather than nullifying it. Then again, I am not familiar with legal works so I am not sure whether you can retract your lawsuit at this point now. It hurts to see a band split like that and no band is ever the same after is has split and I speak this from my years of observing kpop fandoms. Everything just feels off when a part of the band breaks away.

[update:] the latest report said that Kris is suffering from myocarditis  . If being an idol is just too much to sacrifice for like this, it is definitely not worth it to continue down the path of physical and mental exhaustion.

If you have read everything above and reached here, congratulations and thank you so much for reading my rant/analysis. This is my personal view on the matter. You may have different take on it, which I would like to hear if you are going to be liberal about it.

Kris Wu Yi Fan, have strength! There are a lof of people who are rooting for you.






Out Of The Blue Review: Girls Generation’s Romantic Fantasy

Actually, I was writing a review for Minho’s To The Beautiful You, and then I got bored so I decided to watch Girls Generation‘s new MV I Got A Boy. As per YouTube goes, one click after another and I got trapped in the wrath of YouTube. Sad, sad person, I know. 

So, I decided to do a unexpected review on it. Seriously, I started out this blog to write about SHINee and now it’s all over the place. EXO decided to enter my pedo-noona  radar and then my random quirks and if this keeps up, I think I’ll be blogging for the whole kpop universe. That cannot happen because it will be the end of me. 

Girls Generation the queens of kpop, if daring enough goddesses, made a comeback after more than a year of hiatus from the land of Korea. Since everyone was anticipating their return, MBC decided to do a comeback special called Romantic Fantasy. It’s basically the nine ladies talking and delivering messages to fan, in short a really good fan-service.

I’ll be focusing on the new performances and not the old ones because I’m sure we’ve already have enough of Gee and Oh! Without further ado, let’s go!

I Got A Boy Live

This song exploded with controversies. GD’s fans say it’s similar to Crayon and HyunA’s fans claim that the concept is similar to Ice Cream. Above of all, Sunny’s hat had to have an offensive swear phrase. Please. Major drama of the year just started. My take on this is that, the opening of I Got A Boy is remotely similar to GD’s One Of A Kind but it’s not exactly the same. Concept-wise, yes it is similar to HyunA’s Ice Cream but I think Girls Generation goes more on the urban youth side. Their wardrobe was fabulous, in my opinion. 

The song is catchy, but confusing, and it breaks off from the image of the usual cute Girls Generation. The song is just all over the place. It started off with a swag rap verse and then it went into hiphop-esque vibe, which transforms into a catchy chorus with dub step sounds. The song is so catchy but, it’s just all over the place for me. After listening to it for a few times, I even invented a new pun.

I got some food, 맛이 (pronounced ma-shi)
I got some food, yummy.
I got some food, awesome food. Please come and have some. 

Sing along to the chorus with this lyrics and I am sure you will have so much fun. I’m so clever at childish joke.
-shameless selfappraisal-


The live performance was lip-synced. I think almost all of the group performances were lip-synched. I might be wrong though because I suck at catching lip-sync. But this time I am 75% sure! Their live dancing was not as powerful as their debut track even though SM promised that the girls would ditch their high heels. The dance was choreographed by Nappy Tab, the dude who danced a duet with BoA in Only One. It was okay, I like the part when they broke out into dub step. Lots and lots of hip rolls, sexy. 

Dancing Queen Live 

The girls revisited their skinny jeans donning Gee days. A Duffy tribute song. Okay, this is definitely NOT lip-synced. The girls said in their talk segment that they were upset about this project scrapped and I am glad SM did because if this was released as their comeback track instead of Gee. It would definitely not have surpassed, or even reach, the popularity of Gee. You can have my beloved skincare collection if I was wrong because I am so sure about this.

Yuri’s collaboration with Minho 

Awkwardly sexy. Yuri was sexy, no doubt. Her eyes were filled with so much sexiness. She executed the dance well. But, Minho. What were you doing?! Where is the steam between the couple dance?! Where? Why are you so awkward? Are you worried that Shawols would go mental? You did not even make a loving eye contact with her! Your eyes weren’t sexy gaze but a frown. I’m so disappointed in you, Minho. 

Sunny, Yoona & Sooyoung collaboration with EXO’s Suho, Chanyeol, Sehun 

I think I’ve finally found my crush in EXO-K after my crush for EXO-M’s Kris. Sunny’s partner, Suho was so cute. I think I have a taste for leaders in EXO. Mayo-ssi, DIBS! Lol.  They did a number called Marry You, which was a number did by Glee and they copied it from Glee as a tribute. English-wise, they did it well. Average but Sooyoung did better than the other two. It screams fan service. Absolutely. Nothing spectacular about it, just 3 pretty girls and 3 pretty boys dancing to it.

Taeyeon & Tiffany stage ‘Lost In Love’

A beautiful ballad track. Both of them are main vocalists in the group and they did well. Definitely live. My most favorite stage in the whole show. Nothing much to say – beautiful ballad, beautiful outfit, fabulous vocals.

Hyoyeon & Yuri collaboration stage with SuJu-M’s Henry

Hyoyeon, the under appreciated member in the group, and Yuri, the sexy one, collaborated. It’s a hiphop track called ‘I Am’ Now, as much as I love Hyoyeon’s husky, raspy voice, I do not like this one. The rap was average. It’s just…okay. But this is a nice change to see Hyoyeon doing something different instead of dance breaks at SMTown concerts alongside Yuri. 

Seohyun’s Speak Now 

Goguma Couple, rejoice! She’s still playing guitar! She did a track by Taylor Swift, which did not suited her vocals. The guitar was quite loud and sometimes I couldn’t even hear her sing. I think she’s more suited for sweet ballads accompanied by piano. English-wise, she still got a way to go, not as good as Sooyoung, yet.

Tiffany’s Call Me Maybe 

Here we go. Another viral song of the year after Gangnam Style. Just when I thought I have gotten enough of it. Tiffany sang it well. Maybe even better, if not on par with Carly. I like both of the songs. Only a little complaint here, did she have a cold? Because if you listen carefully, the way she pronounced ‘number’ was a little off and nasally, and it put me off a bit. Apart from that, everything was great, almost perfection.

Jessica & f(x) Krystal’s collaboration ‘Someday’ 

The comments section said they sang an original Filipino track. It’s a lovely ballad track accompanied by a piano, played by Jessica’s sister Krystal from f(x). Perfect track for rainy days or snowy days. Do not listen to this if you are currently heartbroken or else tears are going to fall out as if a dam broke. The song is fabulous and goes really well with Jessica’s voice.

And that’s the end of Romantic Fantasy. The way I arranged the segments is not the same as the actual show because I decided to watch random clips. It’s a good watch if you like Girls Generation. It’s a good fan-service show, a way to return the love of fans if I have to borrow kpop idols’ phrase.

My favorite part of the new song? My newly written, childish pun. Please, that one is good. Lol. Did you like it?

So, what did you think of Girls Generation’s comeback? Do you like it? Do you not like it? What’s your thoughts? Did you like the collab stages and solo stages?

Until next post.


To The Beautiful You, Will It Be As Good?

Hanazakarino Kimitachi e aka For You In Full Blossom aka To The Beautiful You drama is currently being filmed by ours truly, SM Ent, with idols studded cast. Hana Kimi is a Japanese manga which has already been adapted into two J-dramas (2007 and 2011) and one Taiwanese drama, a Korean one is following up next. Like Boys Over Flowers drama – love the Japanese version, dislike Taiwanese version and on the fence with Korean version – the manga was pretty good in my opinion.

The original Japanese drama holds a special place in my heart because it is the first drama I have ever tried after reading the manga. And lived up to the manga unlike most of the drama adaptations which failed miserably. Nakatsu stole my heart away with his personality and humour in the drama. Seriously, who wouldn’t love this guy?

For all the love I have for the manga, I am secretly hoping that it would be as good as the 2007 version, if not, even better. And I have a reason for that. First of all, blame it on Paradise Ranch. Even though TVXQ’s super gorgeous long-legged Changmin was the lead in the drama, it never really picked up after the 3rd episode. It screamed mediocre acting and it was obvious that SM really did go all out with all the sets. The sets, cinematography and outfits were fabulous; but the acting was horrendous alongside the story-line. Really cliche`.

SM is giving another shot again at drama production with ‘To The Beautiful You’. From what I have been stalking on facebook, the dorm setting looks fantastic. Just gorgeous. I hope they recreate the old dorm room Sano and Mizuki shared because I seriously love that room.

With its idol-studded cast, I am pretty sure it will rake in a decent viewer ratings as long as they have an acceptable story line. I mean, who doesn’t want to watch what goes down in a school filled with flower boys? I seriously want to!! Please let there be a lot of eye-candies!

Moving onto casting, it’s no surprise that SHINee’s very own Flaming Charisma Minho will be playing Sano. No one in SM will ever be as competitive at athletic competitions as that kid. Personal message to Minho “This is the easiest character for you, okay? It’s like you, the actual Minho, in the drama. So don’t disappoint me like you did in Salamander Guru” For the role of Mizuki, I had originally wanted Amber  to play Mizuki’s role but Sulli got the role. SM might have thought Amber wouldn’t be able to pull off the feminine look which Mizuki will transition into later in the drama. But damn, they were wrong! Amber looks good as a girl, too! And she’s attractive as well!  Her friends decided to give her a makeover with pigtails and damn! That girl is super gorgeous! Androgynous looking people, I am so jealous of you right now.  (Taemin, Amber, Donghae, Key, Kevin, Heechul, Luhan, I’m looking at all of you guys)

Nakatsu will be played by, I forgot the name, but he’s someone I am not familiar with so I am not judging here. But I do hope he is as humourous as the original Nakatsu. I love the fact that ZE:A’s Kwanghee will be playing the drama king dorm leader. I seriously love Kwanghee’s loud personality on shows so this character is a perfect fit for him, dramatic and hilarious. Ah…I am so loving the sound of the drama.

The creme de la creme of the drama? SHINee will be singing the theme song AND EXO will be in the drama too! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!?! FGKJLAJASLKDJELKFJKDKFS!! Ikemen Paradise!!! (meaning: pretty boys paradise!)

I have missed SHINee’s OSTs since Prosecutor Princess & Boys Over Flower and EXO, oh my god, EXO. These kids get really good projects for a rookie group. Kris-sama and Prince Lulu will be in the drama!!! I hope Kris-sama pulls out his English speaking cards, please!! Ah…I seriously am falling in love with the cast already. Good-looking men in kpop industry, why endless?

So, since SM is producing this drama, does that mean I can expect cameos from other artists in the company too? Such as Key? I seriously want to see him in the drama, to be honest. This is my love for the boy speaking. I want to see Key in this drama.. Precious Key is so cute when he acts. SM, Can he play Mizuki’s brother from United States? Please? I mean, he likes to speak English and he can easily pass as Sulli’s brother. Please please please?

To sum everything up –

  • I have already fallen in love with cast
  • I hope SM pulls this off well or else I’ll flip over, fo sure

What do you think of this drama production? Yey or nay? Will you be watching it when it airs? I seriously am!

Ikemen Paradise for the win!

Until next time.


EXO: The Initial Phase Of Getting To Know Them

So, since EXO is under my radar, I have been stalking them since I have a lot of freetime on my hand and I am at loose ends almost everyday…and I just realized that I have a sad life. Anyway, I chose to follow EXO-M at the moment and there’s a reason for that. But, let’s get to my impression on each member after getting to see them through interviews, random youtube clips and variety show. If you’re wondering which shows I watched, I watched Happy Camp, YinYueTai  interview and several short interview clips. I recommend Happy Camp, because it is quite funny and you get to see their rookie awkwardness around the MCs who pick on them for fun.

I’ve rambled again, so let’s go go go to my first look/impression!


Kris Wu aka Dragon Prince – The leader of the group. Commonly known as Duizhang in the fandom and I prefer to call him Kris-sama(post on this will come up later). Mysterious, very demure-looking and doesn’t speak much on the show. His tall, well-composed stature which he carries very well and he has a killer airport fashion. Well, the type of men fashion I like. I like how he doesn’t wear all the attention grabbing clothes and accessories (I’m looking at you GD and Key). He wears smart casual clothes, and when he wears it, it’s like a fashion show runway. Seriously he looks stunning in almost every single airport he had been to(maybe I’m biased) even if he is wearing a simple black t-shirt. Although he started out with this serious and mysterious manner, he has been smiling a lot lately. So, maybe he’s bipolar? Lol, kidding. But he’s definitely the one I’ll be following and keeping my eyes on. Expect more fangirl spazz moments on him alongside Key. Oh, Baby, you need to work on your dance skills, you look stiff.

And this is the hilarious comment Mayo found on facebook: Sometimes, I think Duizhang debuted just with the intent to look hot at the airport. Like, forget about dancing. And singing. And rapping. He is here to fucking stun us at the security gate. 

Isn’t it hilarious?

Lay Zhang Yi Xing

Zhang Yi Xing aka Lay – I like to call him Zhang Yi Xing more so than Lay. SM, Lay is a crisp brand. How could you name an idol with the crisp brand? Are you not aware that fangirls are making fun on it? I don’t understand you, SM. Zhang Yi Xing, you are a bias list ruiner. I didn’t notice him at first but when he played the guitar and sang  “Endless Love” on YinYueTai interview, I died a little inside. He sang really really well and played guitar quite well! Also, the songs he wrote and sang before debut were nice too! I like guys who can write songs, sing well and play a musical instrument. The more I see him, the more attractive he becomes.  Before I learned that his name was Zhang Yi Xing, I thought he was Korean but he is not. And I don’t have a nickname for him, yet. Oh wait, does Diva Lay count? See how he ruins my bias list? By composing, playing guitar, singing decently and being a diva. Oh, Zhang Yi Xing, you’re seriously screwing up my bias list.

Oh, Deer eyed Prince LuLu, you’re so pretty.

Lu Han aka Prince LuLu – A triple threat; main vocal, dancer & the visual cutie.The adorable fake-maknae who possesses deer eyes. I really, really thought he was the maknae until I realized he is the 2nd oldest in the group. And when EXO at Disney Land photoset landed on my tumblr page, he was the cutest one. I mean, Dude, how can you effortlessly rock apple hair at 22 while looking like a kid? Oh wait, he’s not the only one. Onew pulled it off once and sent all the fangirls into tizzy. But he’s adorable, cute and fluffy to boot like an adorable teddy bear. Again…I thought he was a Korean before I found out that he’s from Beijing. He can solve Rubik’s cube!!! Go watch SMFashionistas’  W photoshoot, that boy has got skills. You can see how well he can play by the way he flicks the rows like a pro and not twist and turn the cube like a noob. *points at self*

Chen aka Kim Jong Dae

Chen aka Chen Chen –LOL. The name Chen Chen cracks me up big time. He is the member who took my attention with his impressive vocals, . First person in the group who didn’t use his looks to get my attention. So, props to that. Nationality wise, I thought he was Chinese but actually he’s a Korean. Surprising, right? Maybe his Chinese name was implying that he’s a Chinese by default but he’s not. He doesn’t speak much during interviews since he’s a bit timid and shy which is to be expected since Chinese is not his first language.

Kim Baozi

Xiumin aka Kim Baozi – The oldest member in the group and, like Luhan, he doesn’t look like it. His chubby cheeks are what makes him memorable as his trademark feature. He has a decent voice and dances well. Very smiley, adorable and an aegyo machine. He doesn’t radiate aegyo naturally.  He has to bring it out but when he does, it’s adorable like a real live baozi. Lol. I wish I have more to talk about him more than his chubby cheeks and decent voice, really. I only have Kim Baozi …. Sorry, Baozi, you have to talk more during interviews and entertain me. Or stun me with your airport fashion? Oh! He’s Korean, mind boggled yet? I was when I found out he’s from Korea. Seriously, why do some Korean members give the impression that they are Chinese and vice versa?

Wushu Gucci Panda Maknae Tao

Tao aka Wushu Gucci Panda Maknae – The adorable baby of the goup who gives out the feeling that he will bully all his hyungs. His wushu moves in the teasers are just oh-so-awesome. So fierce. The nickname needs a lot of explanation. Wushu because he can play Wushu and quite good at it, apparently. Gucci because of his addiction to Gucci brand. Panda because he has some serious case of dark circles. Maknae for obvious reason the title is implying.  He looks so bad ass, right? Considering he does Wushu and has this “I-don’t-give-a-damn” aura around him. But man, he cried during an interview while sending out a video message to EXO-K in Korea.

baby Panda (cr:

I find this very touching. And I refuse to believe that he is a 93-er like Taemin! I refuse! Taemin still looks lika a baby! Tao looks young but in a different way from Taem? Taemin is more like adorable and adored kid in the family while Tao looks like a mischievous kid. Maybe the different concept behind two different groups differentiated the ways the members look.

So, did you enjoy my painfully long essay of EXO: the initial phase of getting to know them?

Oh wait, Member Analysis, The Boyband Theory!

Kris: The well-raised son in the family, mysterious, charismatic and quiet leader
Lay Zhang Yi Xing: The dancing machine and sexy main vocalist having the possibility of becoming a diva
Luhan: The adorable fake maknae with feminine features and all-rounder
Xiumin: The aegyo machine
Chen: The quiet vocalist who doesn’t talk much
Tao: The maknae who gives bad boy aura

Take your pick girlies. Take you pick. There’s one for everyone.

See you soon!


EXO, You’re Under My Radar

When EXO first released their first teaser featuring Kai, I was super excited. I totally dig that victorian style cape and the set. The dance was well choreographed with well renowned water floor. That’s when endless teasers(with Kai dominating more than half of all teasers) started…After the 7th teaser, I really got tired of it and decided to wait until they release their first song. What Is Love was released, it was okay. History which I like. Then, EXO finally landed with MAMA and I was appalled…. What on earth is “Careless, careless,mindless, mindless, shoot one care about me.”? I know you are trying to be cool with all those robes and chanting but what on earth is that?!?! SM, you are a multi billion company and can you not afford to hire a fluent English speaker who can put some meaning to your lyrics? Or have you tried asking one of your artists? You have Amber, Henry, Jessica, Krystal, Tiffany and Kris who were raised abroad and can speak English very well. Even Key who is enthusiastic about speaking English can help!

so precious. so precious

We already had fantastic elastic, lovertronic robotronic, electronic manic supersonic bionic energy. And you give us the “shoot anonymous” nonsense. Why SM? WHY? I could write sensible lyrics,for free, for the company if you provide me with food and apartment to live in. Seriously! I am insanely pissed! What a buzz kill for all the international fans out there who were anticipating for the official debut. Did you know how hard I laughed when I watched the MVs? I kept rolling on my bed laughing for a solid 3 minutes, it was that hilarious.

The MVs were very cool though, I totally dig the supernatural concept and the rings they wore but the outfits could have been done better. Well, it’s rookie group so it should be something expected. But I couldn’t remember the members because they didn’t have much slot time and I couldn’t remember the faces right away.

3 months later and I think I’m doing well now. I have remembered the members’ name with their faces. I know Suho and Kris are leaders, Sehun and Tao are the adorable babies of respective group, Luhan aka Prince LuLuis the doe-eyed prince and the eternal baby face of EXO-M, D.O’s eyes are seriously big and he always looks surprised, Baekhyun’s fandom nickname is Bacon, Kai is the visual of EXO-K and the pairings which are popular on my tumblr dashboard are HunHan, BaekYeol and TaoRis. Wow. I’m doing well! Yey! For someone who didn’t follow much during the past 3 months and I’m doing well! Side note: I ship HunHan.They are the 2nd pairing I ship after JongKey. Check out their pictures in airport when they flew to China for showcase. Cuteness overload, man, cuteness overload. They seriously look like two 5 years old kids following their parents at the airport.

So, time for overall impression! Okay, EXO fans might hate me for this but I still am not impressed with their album. I was expecting something mind-blowingly awesome considering the fact that SM kept unleashing super cool teasers every once in a while before debut. Come on, Tao bringing out all the Wushu moves is super cool, nothing in cooler than a guy doing all those kicks in air! But the album, as a whole, didn’t really blow me away. I like History, ANGEL and Two Moons. And that’s about it. I don’t like MAMA, honestly speaking. The dance was cool and filled with the infamous sexy lip-swiping for MAMA chorus, hip thrusts and sways but nope, I don’t dig it much.

But remember that it is their debut album and they have chances to grow. I think they will grow big in a short time because of all the love they have been receiving from international fans. It can clearly be seen in EXO-K trip to London and the stampede which happened in Beijing airport when EXO-M arrived. I have not seen a rookie group causing so much rackus like them. If SM gives them good songs and right promotion strategy, I think they will be a hit. And I hope this happen in 2012 so that they win the best rookie award at year-end ceremonies. SM, you need a killer promotion strategy for EXO during the latter half of 2012, okay? Don’t disappoint us. I really wonder what will be their next concept. Because they are from another planet according to their name, right? I am very curious about their next promotion cycle’s outfits, song and concept.

So, EXO babies, you better impress me with awesome stuff later in 2012 because you are already under my radar. I’ll be watching you.