Full House Thai

The Korean hit series Full House holds a special place in my heart. The arrogant Lee Young Jae, the happy-go-lucky attitude Han Ji Eun, the Mr.Nice Guy Yoo Min Hyuk and the antagonist Kang Hye Won made the drama into a hit series back in 2004, which was exactly 10 years ago.

Not so long ago, I found out that there is a Thai adaptation of the series, which will be in 20 episodes in contrast of the 16 episodes that the Korean series had. I am not going to lie, I was a bit skeptical about the drama because it’s a remake and let’s face it most of the remake or spin-offs hardly have an impression on me so I went for a drama-thon with so many doubts.

12 episodes later….. 

I take it back. This remake is really good. It’s very, very impressive.

First of all, let me take you through the cast.

Lee Young Jae is now called Mike in the Thai adaptation and he is played by Mike Pirath Nitipisankul, who is also called Mike D.Angelo (from his twitter and tumblr) He’s on instagram with the name m1keangelo. (I am getting so good at stalking celebrities online, which is slightly worrying)

And he looks like this

EXO-M fans, hold your hats. This is not your Kris Wu oppa. This is his older brother from another mother and father. They are two different people. Don’t believe? See it for yourself in the comparison picture below.

The resemblance is shocking. Isn’t it? I was very surprised too.

Han Ji Eun is now called Om-Am. And it’s played by Aom Sucharat Manaying. She is totally cute to the boot. Short, loveable and has an aura of a friendly person in the drama.

And she looks like this.

She’s really adorable. So petite and loveable!

Back to the drama review.

First of all, they did not follow the exact scripts of the previous drama, which is definitely a relief because there is a difference in cultures of both dramas (Korean and Thai) as well as the time that the drama took place in. The script writer made a few changes here and there but still stuck with the same personalities for characters with a few changes in the plot here and there.

Why would you enjoy it?

Full House is essentially a feel good drama that is very light, fun and filled with sweet moments. I doubt anyone would want to watch a drama that was made 10 years ago unless they lived through the drama together or has a special place for the drama in their heart. Even if you want to watch the original one, the resolution will be awful and the fashion is going to be out of place in your eyes (trust me, skinny jeans are not the rage back in 2004)

Full House Thai is the same but this is closer to modern day and something that you can relate to. It’s aesthetically pleasing with really good choice of setting. I particularly love the house that they filmed in and how clean and white they look.

Mike and Aom are relatively good actors. The first few episodes are going to be a bit awkward for you because that’s what I felt like when I started watching the series but the awkwardness melted away with time and it turns into awesomeness of pure fluff. Their chemistry is great especially during meal times scene.

One of the things I want to complain about the drama is about how they do not use the other cast as much. Because I only see Guy and Min only at the scene when they want to make each other jealous so I think the plot probably would have been better if they added a few more scenes with them to solidify the relationships between the characters but hey, I don’t know much about dramas, plot and scripts.

Fun fact: In Korean version, Young Jae and Ji Eun went to Thailand for their honeymoon. In Thai adaptation, Mike and Om-Am went to Korea for their honeymoon. It’s a little something but I find it very amusing.

I highly recommend you to watch it. You will definitely enjoy it if you are such an easy target for cute, romantic comedy with the slightest touch of antagonist in the series. I was tempted to write out the synopsis but I won’t spoil the fun for you. Go and check out the drama if you are looking for something a little different from Korean dramas. Maybe you will end up liking it. How do you find it? Ask Google. Just type if “Eng Sub Full House Thai” and you will see a lot of entries.

Have fun. And if you want to stalk the drama on social media #fullhousethai is way to go. I hope this series hit jackpot with international audience. It deserves it. 


P.S. Thank you for Mike’s International fan club on Facebook for pictures.

God Granted Key’s Wish

First of all, I feel like I come out and blog when SHINee members go on We Got Married. My apologies. I do have a soft spot for that show for many reasons.


Right. If you are a Locket Freaks (That’s Key‘s self-announced fan club name for his fans on instagram, exclusively. But I’m not happy with Freaks though. I’m much happier with Lockets. Maybe it needs a little bit of getting used to), you will probably know that Key has declared his love for the show. I also believe that he is a good fit for the show since he has such an animated on-screen personality; fun, sassy, witty and motherly at times.  If you would look at his appearance on the show with APink’s Eunji alongside Taemin and NaEun, you can see he’s such an entertaining soul.

So, God decided that he put Key on the show and to make it even better, he’s on the global edition segment. I’m glad he is on that because I would like him to tackle the show with someone who is not Korean.

Who is the wife? It’s Yagi Arisa. I am not sure whether a lot of kpop fans will notice her but I’m sure you will definitely know her since she is one of Vivi’s main models. That is if you read Vivi… (please don’t judge me! lol.) She’s 95-er so definitely a lot younger than Key who is a 91-er. I nearly flipped out from terror when I found out her age…and then I realized she is 18. Yeah, talk about horrible maths skills. Japanese and French descent so I am pretty sure both of them will be very interesting. How do I know? Well, click.

What do I expect? I was expecting lots and lots of bickering since Key can be a nagging individual. But once I learned that it’s Arisa, my expectations melted away. Observing from how she looks during photoshoots, she gives off a very pure, quiet vibe. BUT! You can never tell. They might turn out to be one of the noisiest yet adorable couples in WGM history alongside Joongbo. 

Since the show is on global scale (and I hope it gets decent viewership), of course there will be a language barrier. But I am not too worried about that since I am pretty sure that Key know Japanese from his years of promotional activities in Japan and I believe he is pretty quick to pick up on languages due to his talkative nature. I am not worried about that.

Will I be watching? Definitely but not on week to week basis. I’ll be watching on a marathon scale so that I don’t feel the withdrawal symptoms. Lol.

Would anyone be watching? What are you thoughts on Arisa? Do you like her? Do you not like her? If so, who would you think Key should have been paired up with as his virtual wife? Or should they have him put on the Korean show instead?

Let me know if you have something to say! I’d love to read opinions.


Edit: someone has came up with the shipping name and it’s Kibuagi (read: Kibu. Ahgi. Connect them together)


beauty blogger sense?

I write about kpop, yes, and being a Key follower, I have a lot  a bit of an affection for cosmetics as well, mainly Asian cosmetics. I think I have probably used up almost all of the Asian brands available out there. BB cream, CC cream, name any beauty products you want to know and I will happily assist you in buying one because I went through so much experience like that and I wrote a few of the guides under this tag.

Having said that, it’s no wonder that I’d like to take a stab in applying to become a writer for a beauty product store and the opportunity is there. ibuybeauti is the store I stalk the most due to their diverse range of Asian cosmetics, particularly Korean brands. I haven’t came across a store that stock both high end and affordable Korean cosmetics like theirs. You can check them out there. And they are looking for beauty bloggers, which you can find out about here.

No, this is not a sponsored post nor an ad (I wish!). This is mainly to let the beauty affectionate followers (stumbler) know about the opportunity door that recently opened. If you are interested, email them at beautifanblog@gmail.com with the information below included in your application.





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What are you waiting for? Just write up your application and send it off if you are an aspiring beauty writer. They will be announcing the winner on 20th of February so be efficient!

Me? I don’t know. I really like cosmetics and all things vanity related so I’ve sent off an application and left my fate in heaven’s hand to decide.

The more beauty bloggers applying, the better because you need a lot of people from across the globe to make sure the products work for everyone! So, write away peeps. Write away.


Idols Personas Affecting Me

As of right now, I am battling for my finals and I had this sudden desperate need to blog. Ugh….tell me about the timings!

Recently, a friend commented “You’ve changed.” I was not aware of it until I’ve reflected on myself about the year that passed. I think I really did change.

I used to be so agreeable and was unable to voice out my opinions just because I had a fear of being judged and hated on. I would rather sit in the corner when someone would loudly project out his/her opinion on certain matter even if my take on the matter is completely opposite of what the person was saying. I’d rather blend into the background instead of try to stand out.

But now? I feel like I have changed pretty much and I think the idolising Key has played a major part in that.

I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. It’s a good thing. I am happier that I am much more opinionated and more Key-like in certain aspects of my life, if that makes sense. I think Key has a great personality (on screen from what I see) even though he can be very much like a diva but I think that’s adorable. He doesn’t hesitate to voice out his opinion when he feels the need to whether it’s good or bad. Also, he doesn’t hesitate to make a fool of himself sometimes and dang, I think that guy has impeccable fashion taste despite being loud and eye-catching.

Overall, I am just surprised at myself that I changed somewhat noticeably just because of someone I idolise. Has that ever happened to you before?


P.S. I really wish I have his passion too. I think he works really hard.

If I were an Idol

Do we all not wonder about this question? “What if I were an idol?”

I sometimes do, especially on days when I have nothing to do but sit around and ponder. It’s quite fun, really. No, you are not allowed to judge me. lol. As I have said it so many times, it is fun to let the imagination run wild.

By writing this post, by no means I want to be an idol seriously. Why not? Well, you’ll know at the end of this post. So, scroll away for answer but if you want to read my quirks, read on.

If I were an Idol -

I think I will be the member without much musical talent. I can be taught to sing in tune but I do not possess a raw vocal talent like Onew and Jonghyun. I can dance well, especially latin dance and pop dance so I will probably become the member who dances well. I have a strong belief that I will be the ‘jack of all trades but master of none’ because I am interested in so many thing. So, my position could vary from – main dancer/ sub dancer/ sub vocal aka the useless member. Okay, I can sense the possibility of being asked by the company for me to fix my face so that I can become the face of the group.

Actually, I want to be a travel reporter like Anthony Bourdain by going to different cities on unusual adventures and experience the culture there with a twist of an idol. Yup, that is totally me.

Shows I want to go on - We Got Married and Running Man. Hands down. I want my WGM partner to be either Key or Kris. I find those two very interesting(plus both of them are gorgeous in my eyes!) and it would be interesting to do a television show with them. Lol. Talk shows are not bad too but I will have to be extremely fluent in Korean to play clever word puns. Like, duh! Well, most of the shows are scripted so yeah..scratch that out. I don’t want to go on talk shows anymore. And no, I don’t want to go on Immortal Song and embarrass myself.

Acting? God no. I’ll end up laughing nonstop with the thought of the whole thing being very amusing to me.

Then again, I don’t think I’ll ever want to become an idol seriously. I mean, the long endless working hours, everyday trip to gyms, strict diet on day to day basis (if I want a custard tart, I want to eat it without the guilt), the constant fear of paparazzi and sasaengs, the mental strength to face netizen’s ruthless comments if things were to go wrong and last but not least, little to no freedom as a person.

Being an idol, or a celebrity, is a trade-off. You trade your life and soul in exchange for fame and money. It’s such a huge payment, really.

Anyway, if you were an idol, what type of idol would you like to, or have the potential to, become? Multi-talented like Key? Musically passionate like G-dragon? Or someone bursting with vocal talent like Jjong and Dubu?

Comment away, people. Comment away.